Talon invests in better packaging equipment

As part of their continual investment in the business Talon has recently installed a Saimo multi pack machine.  This multi head machine is computer controlled and is capable of handling large volumes of products.


New Boiler Flue Cover from Talon

Talon Manufacturing Ltd. specialises in producing practical, easily fitted products that ease problems for the specifier, designer, installer or maintenance engineer. The latest of these is a Boiler Flue Box Cover made of uPVC and issued in kit form.


This new product for 2013 has been designed to fit between all Talon Hinged clips to set them an even distance apart. Particularly useful when pipe lagging is being fitted, the spacer allows for an even gap between the clips to accommodate the lagging. The standard Talon Spacer (Model TSP1) has been available for a number of years which simply fits under the clip to raise it sufficiently to allow for lagging.


Pipe Clip Products

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Pipe Fixings, Accessories
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Welcome to Talon...

Talon Manufacturing has been at the forefront of quality manufacturing for over 20 years. The company has grown and changed and is unrecognizable from its original beginnings as a specialist supplier of fixings, fastenings and consumables in 1981. In 1986 Talon went into production with its own product, the Talon Hinged Clip, and other products quickly followed.

Talon offers the widest range of Pipe Clips available in the UK which includes clips for all pipe sizes from 8mm to 35mm. Multilayer pipes are catered for with the Talon ‘Flexi’ Hinged Clip range and all Talon clips are now available colour coded to assist the specifier, installer and end user. 



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