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Boiler FlueTalon Manufacturing Ltd. specialises in producing practical, easily fitted products that ease problems for the specifier, designer, installer or maintenance engineer. The latest of these is a Boiler Flue Box Cover made of uPVC and issued in kit form. The kit consists of two corner profiles that slot securely together through a joining strip, a stop end in which the installer can simply cut a hole to fit the end of the flue and two fixing brackets. It is well made, easy to clean and requires minimum maintenance and it saves the flue from damage [tenants tend to use unboxed flues as impromptu clothes lines] or the maintenance engineer time-consuming carpentry to repair such damage.

The Boiler Flue Box has been produced as a result of the refurbishing a block of Council flats when Talon’s R & D team were asked to design a pipe cover to overcome the misuse of flue pipes and maintenance expenses incurred.

The Boiler Flue Cover measures 150 x 200mm when assembled and is available in kit form in 1 metre, 2 metre, and 3 metre lengths. It is of good appearance, the corners of the boxed form are chamfered to prevent snagging and it complies fully with all requirements of the Gas Safety [installation & use] Regulations 1998 including the provision of a removable inspection panel for inspection of joints.